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We're a screen-printing and embroidery company based in South Florida.

With our exceptional customer service and highly skilled designers, we can work with any idea.


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For screen-printing the process is simple, you send or discuss what you would like done from location, to color, to size. Then we will send you a proof of your art for review.  If everything checks out just send us your approval via email, phone or fax. That’s it!


Proofs are issued about 1-2 business days after all forms and art have been received. If you do not receive a proof in that time frame please bring that to our attention, as we are not aware you didn't receive it. Reviewal of proofs are of the upmost importance as we will be printing exactly what you see.


Sometimes wrong emails are listed or lost in cyberspace. If we do not receive your art approval we cannot proceed with your job. Having your email set for a confirm receipt ensures that we in fact did get your reply, if you did not get a confirm receipt, we do not have your approval.


Need apparel? We offer a selection of clothing from select brands should be unable to provide your own. This is an additional fee in addition to artwork and processing costs.


The process for Embroidery works much of the same way as screen-printing. Send or discuss what you would like done from location, to thread color, to size. Then we will send you a proof for your review.


Please note if artwork supplied requires typesetting, changes, touchups, or does not meet Embroidery specifications, we reserve the right to modify the artwork and charge accordingly. We will notify of art charges in excess prior to doing the artwork. Coach's Corner also reserves the right to reject any artwork not deemed printable.


For customer supplied disks, Tajima, Barudan FDR and Barudan FMC formats are accepted. Basic changes to layout can be made (i.e. delete or add a section, reorder sections and resize up to 10%). Resizing past 10% will require a new disk as will increasing or decrease in the thickness of specific sections.


Please note that customer supplied disks created for specific colors or fabrics may not be compatible with our products (i.e., previously done on hats may not sew well on bags). In cases such as these, a new disk may be needed.


  • what image quality should I provide?

    Although we can digitize from whatever you provide, the quality is only as good as the material you supply us with.

  • what is required?

    Customers should supply artwork via email or disc.

  • what formats do you accept?

    We accept artwork created in most professional graphic applications on either the PC or Macintosh platforms. Vector art in Illustrator or CorelDRAW is preferred along with all placed image files and any fonts used. However scans of camera ready art are acceptable. So to recap formats JPG, TIF, EPS, AI, PDF, PCX, and BMP with at least a resolution of 500 pixels.

  • what is your turn around time?

    On a normal order, expected processing time is between 5-7 business days. Larger orders, multiple locations and individual personalizations will require a longer production time, please make sure you are placing your order with enough time to process.

  • what about RUSH jobs?

    Rush orders are produced in under 7 business days and are subject to a 30% rush fee addition to your invoice. All rush orders need at least 24-hour notice to be put on the schedule. If you send your garments to us without checking to make sure if we can handle your job we will not be responsible for freight back to you.

  • if I am drop shipping to you what should I do?

    You may send your garments as follows…

    Your company name and PO # (Job Name)
    c/o Coach's Corner
    13365 SW 135 Ave. Unit 102, Miami, Florida 33186.

  • same as last order?

    All orders are new orders, do NOT expect us to go with your last order, please put down colors, size, location etc. as if it was your first time. We will pull your existing film and reference the re-order PO to make sure it is accurate. If you feel you need to request a proof for a re-order, please indicate this on the purchase order.

  • polybagging?

    Many times your clothing may come in poly bags, if it is t-shirts we will charge for un-bagging, if embroidery, we will un-bag but not re-bag without a charge. Please indicate on your PO if your order needs to be poly bagged.

  • do you do patches for embroidery?

    NO… We are a direct embroiderer only.

  • need to know how many stitches are in the design?

    You can either have it professionally estimated by someone you have used before or you can send us your image along with information about your order [amount of pieces you plan on doing, time you need it by, etc.]

  • can I provide the embroidery tape?

    Absolutely, however it must be requested on your PO and we cannot be held responsible for how it sews. A swatch will be sewed out, and you will be proofed with it. Should any corrections/adjustments be needed, you need to let us know at the time of proofing. If you need to touch and feel the swatch, let us know, as well and it will be mailed to you.

  • what is necessary to place an order for silk-screening?

    To place an order for CONTRACT silk-screening we need your purchase order, credit card authorization form, shipping request form and art all sent to orders@coachscornermiami.com or faxed to (786) 242-2226. We do understand that many times you have your own purchase order forms, if you use your own, PLEASE make sure all the same information is listed in detail, as we prefer you to use our forms. All of our forms can be found on this website, please keep in mind we cannot place an order without all information having been received. Your order will be put on hold until all appropriate information is received.

  • what is the minimum order for silk-screening?

    Our minimum order is 24 pieces for up to a 5-color imprint. Unless your garments are for sports teams receiving names and numbers on their garments, this is the only exception to our 24 pc minimum. Anything more then 5 colors will need a 72-piece minimum.



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